Customer Care Charter

Cruden Customer care charter

We care about our customers at Cruden, that’s why we have created a charter to ensure you always get the best service from us.

Our Customer Care Charter sets out our commitments to you and explains what we aim and promise to provide you with along the home buying journey. 

We aim to: 

•  Provide customers with the most accurate information about completion and occupation dates for their property

•  Meet every completion date set and ensure the transfer of ownership is carried out on time

•  Assist our customers in answering their questions as quickly as possible

•  Provide customers with useful choices and options throughout the buying process

•  Respond to customers problems rapidly and effectively – both with emergencies and routine service matters.

We promise to:

•    Treat all of our customers fairly and offer clear and transparent information

•   Provide our customers with reliable information about Buildmark Cover from the NHBC, as well as warranty information from other providers

•   When requested, provide our customers with a copy of the Consumer Code for Home Builders free of charge

•  Automatically provide a Consumer Code to customers as soon as they reserve a property

•  Let customers know about the after sales service we provide for a certain period of time after completion

•  Inform customers of our target response times, that we will always endeavour to meet

•  Give customers comprehensive health and safety advice to reduce risk of injury on site and inside their property

•  Always provide our customers with information on where they can find further guidance if we cannot resolve a certain issue

• Inform customers who they should contact if they feel we haven’t fulfilled our charter commitments.

Customer service is incredibly important to us, and it’s even more important that you’re never left feeling confused. That’s why we make it our mission to be not just helpful and supportive, but absolutely clear too.