Cruden builders innovation

At the Cruden Group, one of our key strengths is our commitment to innovation. We make it our place to know about cutting edge technology and designs for the markets we operate in. We work closely with recognised industry leading designers and sub-contractors to keep ahead of the game across the industry, both in terms of product and design, as well as methodology and process. And, we’ll continue with this dedication to innovate, as it’s what allows us to deliver unrivalled results for our clients. 

All our clients’ needs are different. That’s why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to projects. We engage external designers on a project-by-project basis to ensure the appropriate range of experience and skills for the job, as well as to retain a design freshness and currency.

Cruden C4S Design Solution

The most significant design innovation we’ve led has been the development of the Cruden C4S design solution. This allows us to meet the most demanding performance specifications for thermal efficiency, air quality management, energy management and efficiency, low running and maintenance costs for the home users.

Cruden C4S is a ‘fabric first’ solution. In essence, we embed all of the required performance elements into the homes’ design and construction, eliminating the need to incorporate complex technical solutions that impact the home users.

C4S design is also future-proofed. As targets for improvement increase, we have the dynamic flexibility built in to C4S to increase insulation performance, retain air quality management, whilst adding sustainable energy generation. We achieve this through a number of appropriate solutions such as photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal water heating, air source heat pumps, district heating, combined communal heat and power (CHP) solutions utilising environmental fuel sources.

We’re proud that thanks to our innovations, we were certified Environmental OHSAS18001 and Energy Management BS50001 accreditations, and that we were recognised nationally as THE Most Innovative Contractor in the UK 2016.

Cruden Building & BRE Retrofit Lab Investment & App

Our innovation and product development is not limited to new build, we have also invested in looking at how fuel poverty can be tackled effectively to meet government targets in CO2 emissions, but more importantly to help reduce fuel bills for the most financially vulnerable members of our communities.

In partnership with BRE Scotland, we invested in and built a new traditional 1940’s style 4-in-a-block home which was designed and developed to incorporate a range of technologies which could be installed to improve efficiency.

We also developed an app as a ready reckoner to demonstrate how the knowledge gained could be applied to all housing tenures, and were able to make this freely available to all. The joint project was awarded a Special Commendation by The Saltire Society in 2015

The apps is available from iTunes at

Innovating with waste

Waste management isn’t always a very visible innovation within construction. However, with Zero Waste Scotland, our main construction waste recycling partner, and our supply chain, we created a three-tiered approach to waste management.

  • We reduce waste at source through efficient design, packaging reduction and uplift for recycling by our supply chain.
  • We use design-led processes to reduce / treat any surplus excavation to prevent depositing waste at landfill sites.
  • We segregate waste generated through construction for removal and recycling. All construction by-product is now 100% recycled from Cruden Building sites, with any non-recyclables processed into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) pellets for energy production.

We’re proud that we were ahead of the curve environmentally, and undertook many of these innovations, including introduction of Site Waste Management Plans, well before any legislative implementations. This is recognised through our BS 14001 Environmental Accreditation.