Moving Home Checklist

Cruden - Checklist

We want the move to your new Cruden home to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Careful planning is a great way to minimise stress on moving day. We’ve recommended some useful things to consider before the day of the big move.

Before you move:

•    decide on a moving date
•    throw away or donate all the items you no longer need to make moving easier – moving is a good excuse for a clear out
•    insure all of your possessions for transit
•    unpacking boxes can take time, so pack a box of essentials for when you first move in.

When leaving your existing property we recommend that you:

•    collect all the keys for your property and hand them to your solicitor
•    re-direct your mail
•    take a note of all meter readings
•    ensure all windows are locked
•    defrost your freezer and switch of all appliances
•    remove all belongings and leave the property clean and tidy
•    leave behind any appliance instruction manuals/warranty documents for the next owner.

Remember to inform:

●    Utility companies (gas, electricity providers)
●    Local authority (council tax)
●    Telephone/cable provider
●    Factor
●    DVLA
●    Bank/building Society
●    Insurance provider
●    Doctor/dentist/vet
●    Family/friends
●    Schools.

Now all you need to do is relax and enjoy living in your new Cruden home.