First Time Buyers?

Cruden - First time buyers

Buying your first new home

Buying a home is an emotional and exciting journey…but it can also be a challenging one!  That’s why it’s important to buy with a company like Cruden, who’ll be there to help you, every step of the way. 

•    The pricing and specification of our Award Winning homes represent excellent value for money and are based on the realistic expectations of First Time purchasers. Affordable monthly repayment costs and energy efficiency measures mean that heating and running costs are low. Reasonable factoring costs also allow buyers to sustain an affordable lifestyle in the new home of their choice.

•    Many people believe that home ownership is out of their reach. You’re probably making the most expensive purchaser you’ll ever make. So it’s important to get it right. That’s where Cruden comes in.

•    Searching for the right property, securing a mortgage for the first time, working out the cost of buying and moving, is all new to you. We’ve helped countless buyers who didn’t believe they’d be able to afford their own home to a successful purchase.

For First Time Buyers, buying a brand new home can be much easier than buying a home on the second hand market. New kitchens, bathrooms, heating systems, windows and doors mean the property is perfect to move straight in, without having to worry about replacements or redecoration. 

Other Costs
There’s no getting away from it – buying a home is expensive. It’s likely to be the most expensive purchase you ever make. So, it’s important that you know what costs are involved. Here are the one-off costs you need to be aware of and the other monthly costs you need to budget for.

One off Costs*
Mortgage Application Fee
Survey and Valuation
Solicitors Fee
Moving Costs

Monthly Budgeting Costs*
Council Tax
Factoring Cost