Sustainability Manifesto

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Our sustainability credentials

How we put sustainability first in all that we do


At the Cruden Group, sustainability is not just a priority – it’s paramount. For over a decade, we have been breaking new ground in sustainability, with our innovative approach setting the standard for building regulation requirements.

Our passion for sustainability can be seen in every choice we make. The renewable energy we use, the sustainable materials we source, the fabric first homes we design, the electric vehicles we drive, even the rainwater we recycle on our sites – every detail is carefully considered with sustainability in mind.

This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the environmental steps we take – it’s in the very blueprint of our business. From the local workforces and suppliers we select, to the young people we train, the communities we create, to the charities we support with the Cruden Foundation – it all stems from a true desire to do right by people and planet.

We know building a better tomorrow won’t be easy. But as one of Scotland’s leading independent housebuilders and developers, we’re uniquely placed to build the properties of the future. It’s our mission to keep the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at the forefront of all we do and to continue to choose sustainability first at every stage. This will ensure each new build is greener, smarter and better than the last. 

Because we believe we can help build a more sustainable future.


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