Key things to do in your first week in a new home

Couple unpacking

Once the removal van has been unloaded, the process of making your brand-new house or apartment, feel like home can begin. Some of these aspects naturally take time – trees and shrubs mature organically over many years, while it takes twelve months for plasterboard to dry out ready for redecorating. However, there are plenty of things to do in the first week of occupancy that’ll help to personalise your new home, as well as optimising its condition. 

These are our recommendations for tasks to prioritise during your first week in a new-build property… 

Test and trace 

Cruden Homes proactively works with homeowners to resolve any settling in issues which become evident during normal daily life. We will fully demonstrate the workings of your new home at handover and check in on you a week after you’ve moved in to resolve any minor bits and bobs you’ve picked up on. Keep a list of any issues you find and discuss with the site team so we can promptly rectify any issues. 

Clean and clean again 

It’s inevitable that a new home will have more than its fair share of dust, as the literal and metaphorical impact of construction work and unpacking multiple boxes settles. Dust and wipe down exposed surfaces every day, especially if you suffer from any allergies. Newly laid carpet can be full of loose fibres (often referred to as oose), so vacuum the carpets thoroughly before putting furniture in situ. Daily vacuuming thereafter will quickly bring oose under control. 

Unpack in a logical order 

It won’t feel like you’ve properly moved in if there are still stacks of boxes piled up in certain rooms. Tackle one area at a time, systematically finding homes for the possessions in each box. Collapse empty boxes if possible and advertise them online, or return them to the removal company if they were loaned. Unpacking is tiring, but it only needs to be done once, and it’s far easier to get through it if you packed everything methodically in the old house. 

Tend to the garden 

If you’ve moved into a property with a lawn outside, don’t assume that lush green turf will stay healthy forever. New grass is surprisingly weak, and it needs extensive watering to bed in and flourish. Invest in a rotating sprinkler which covers the entire lawn from a central position, leaving it on full during periods of the day when the grass isn’t in direct sunlight. This might involve early mornings or late evenings, depending which way your home faces. We recommend you prevent pets and children from playing on newly laid turf until it is well established. 

Boost privacy 

Before you move in, order stick-on paper blinds which can be cut to fit different window sizes, adding vital privacy. Hang curtains as soon as you can, or pre-book a blinds company to come and take measurements as soon as you take ownership, minimising the waiting time before they’re installed. With lots of parcels typically due in this period, a smart doorbell is another sound investment once your WiFi is up and running. Speaking of which… 

Establish home broadband provision 

Like fitted blinds, this is another vital service which benefits from being pre-booked. It can take time for an internet service provider to relocate an existing contract to a new home, though line speeds will be rapid in any new Cruden Homes’ development. If there’s going to be a delay in broadband setup, invest in a MiFi hub or 4G/5G mobile internet dongle to keep core devices connected. Test it before moving, to ensure it works with essential PCs or equipment.  

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