Why buy new?

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When property programmes show house hunters attempting to find their next home, there’s often a tension between the rival merits of new and resale properties. Older homes have a character and style that’s often hard to replicate, whereas new properties are comprehensively specified and reassuringly low-maintenance.

It's interesting to see how prospective buyers on TV shows often start out by expressing a preference for old, yet end up buying new. There’s something intoxicating about the prospect of creating a home that’s entirely yours from day one – choosing kitchen cabinets nobody else has opened, having an address without previous occupants or associations – and being the first to add your personality to a blank canvas. Few experiences in life are as rewarding as being shown around your pristine new home for the first time by sales staff, before the furniture arrives and daily life commences.

There are many other answers to the question ‘why buy new?’ over and above cachet, or the potential to create an Instagram account dedicated to your new home, as many people do nowadays. And while Cruden Homes may be a touch biased in favouring new over old, we do have some justification for this, having over 75 years of experience as an independent house builder and construction company.

Here are just a few of the key benefits our customers receive when they buy a brand new home:

A preferred plot

Resale homes come up individually, whereas new homes tend to be marketed simultaneously. That means you can choose a plot that suits your needs – a ground floor flat for easy access, a south-facing garden for sun-worshippers, or a three-bathroom house for larger families.

Energy efficiency

As environmental awareness grows and regulations are tightened, energy-efficient boilers power well-insulated properties whose windows are designed to maximise warmth from the sun. New homes also have efficient modern kitchen appliances and sanitary ware fitted.


House builders are rigorously assessed for quality, and every Cruden home is inspected and signed off before it’s sold. There are fewer safeguards for resale properties which may be harbouring hidden horrors, examples of benign neglect or evidence of shoddy maintenance. 


Nothing is more important than staying safe, and new homes are built to exacting standards. You can expect fire doors and carbon monoxide detectors, modern electrical circuits linked to the latest fuse boxes, boilers installed by experts, and sophisticated door and window locks.


It may be hard to adapt an existing property, especially if previous owners have created awkward layouts or undertaken botched repairs. A Cruden home can be customised with your choice of fixtures and options, while neutral décor offers a blank canvas for personalisation.


As people move into a new-build estate, a community spirit naturally evolves among the new residents of each street or building. Social media groups are set up for residents to share advice and ask questions, while young children gravitate towards playing outside together.

Peace of mind

If you’ve ever replaced windows, refitted a kitchen or rewired a property, you’ll recognise the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is brand-new. Our two-year defect liability period and ten-year NHBC warranty come on top of each new appliance’s warranty.

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