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Delivering high-quality projects in partnership with local subcontractors.

How to work with us

To successfully secure work opportunities with Cruden Group you need a proven track record of service delivery, founded upon excellence and attributes such as pride in your work, teamwork, trust, respect, high-quality, consistent production and predictable outturns, with a partnering ethos at every stage. Technical, professional, health, safety and environmental competence in your trade or skill is a pre-requisite for success.

In order to demonstrate these attributes in the first instance, Cruden Group requires that subcontractors are certified by Constructionline to a minimum Silver Level standard. Cruden Group also requires that you hold a relevant SSIP Certification.

Constructionline is the UK’s largest prequalified database for construction-related contractors and provides our prequalification solutions.

Social Enterprises

If you are a Social Enterprise you can still access work opportunities with Cruden Group even though you may not be registered with Constructionline.

In this circumstance Cruden will provide a separate Prequalification Application Form stipulating what you need to be able to demonstrate and what commitments are expected.

How to apply

For more information about Constructionline please follow this link

Once your Constructionline application is approved you will be eligible to receive tender opportunities.

If you are already a Gold member of Constructionline please contact Danielle Upton at dupton@crudengroup.co.uk