Hart builders innovation

We’re always happy to work with clients who want to push the boundaries of design and procurement, allowing us to continually improve the product and services we deliver.  

We find that within a strict grant regime, the majority of our housing partners are required to deliver to a tight budget and seek value for money both in construction and longer-term life cycle costs. This means innovating can be the only solution in order to keep costs under control – that’s where Hart come in.

We generally find siteworks and groundworks are a significant area of spend in most projects. The staged increases over the past few years of various government levies and taxes have resulted in significant costs in the removal off-site of excavated materials, particularly when an element of contamination is involved.

Projects we deliver regularly benefit from re-examining the site levels with the aim of limiting or omitting the need to remove excavated materials off-site. This is done in a variety of ways such as capping, onsite treatment and extensive WAC testing to ensure hotspots rather than the whole site is treated, all of which we have extensive experience in.   

The implementation of the 2010 Building Regulations has led to inclusion in many projects of various forms of renewable technologies. In many cases, these have proved expensive and difficult to provide within budget constraints. We have collaborated with an energy consultant and by re-examining the critical interfaces and re-modelling typical details, we have been able to achieve Section 6 compliance without the need for renewable technologies. This has resulted in significant savings to many of the projects we have been involved with, both in capital expenditure and ongoing lifecycle costs.  

This is just some of the ways we innovate in order to deliver the very best for our clients and customers. And we don’t rest on our laurels, we’ll continue to invest in innovations and look for newer and more effective ways to get the job done.