Cruden Academy

We’ve always invested heavily in training and development. We do this for one vital reason – we know our people are our most valuable asset. So it was a natural progression for us to create the Cruden Academy, which uses best practice in all training, education, and development for employees at every stage of their career. We’re delighted this commitment to training is reflected in our Accreditations of Investors in People at Silver Standard and Investors in Young People at Gold Standard.

The Academy structure is designed to provide a platform for Best Practice in Achievement, Improvement and Training; not only for Full Modern Apprenticeships, but also on the job, vocational training and through to Academic Attainment and Professional Qualifications. The quality of education and training is implemented throughout the entire group, allowing us to consistently deliver excellence at all levels of the business.

The Academy covers direct training and accreditation throughout the company, including:

  • Site Staff and all safety and technical training and skill development,

  • Full Modern Apprenticeships Programmes, including trades apprentices through colleges,

  • Professional Apprenticeships, Surveyors, Bonus Surveyors.

  • Head Office & Site Management Staff
  • Vocational & Academic Qualifications, including;
    • Lifelong Learning

    • HNC/HND leading to SVQ Levels 2-4

    • Distance & Part Time Learning

    • University Degrees in Job Relevant Subjects

    • Professional Qualifications; CIOB, RICS etc.

Pathway to Employment

We also operate an Employment Initiative called Pathway to Employment. Our initiative promotes construction as a career for all and provides a gateway into the industry, working with our social housing partners to create opportunities. This is the co-ordination of all aspects of training and employment through the Academy, ultimately leading to sustainable employment through a number of different routes.

We examine and forecast likely labour requirements for the future of the business through project planning and look at the skills, availability and the age demographics of the industry, as well as demands and future trends. We also include academic input from the likes of the Farmer Review 2016.

The supplementing of our full time direct trades labour on a project can be supported through local recruitment working with Client Wider Action Teams and Employment Training Partners. We do this to bring new people to the industry or to encourage the return of tradesmen. The goal is to provide experience and employment that helps employees obtain a CSCS card to improve future employability. This has proven to be a source of good candidates for retained employment within the business.

  • Full Modern Apprenticeships 

  • Direct Employment of Tradesmen & Staff

  • New Entrants through Contractual Employment Initiatives

  • Work Experience & Work Placements

  • Supply Chain Partners Support

Under Cruden Building Supply Agreements and Sub-Contractor Contracts, all suppliers and sub-contractors are obliged to participate and contribute to any employment initiative required by Cruden Building. 

At Cruden, we’re very proud of our social history and our track record on Social Justice issues. We subscribe to the National Minimum Wage and have also signed up to the National Living Wage Initiative and were original signatories of the Glasgow Living Wage Initiative. We like to think that we’ve positioned ourselves as an employer with high corporate & social responsibility values, as reflected in our CSR Policy.

On projects and as a business, the Cruden Academy works with our Employment Training Partners and establishes productive relationships with stakeholders in the areas we operate, such as:

  • Local Authority Wider Action Teams

  • RSL Wider Action Teams

  • Jobs & Business Glasgow

  • Job Centre Plus

  • Department for Work & Pensions

  • Action for Children

  • Wheatley Pledge

  • Sanctuary Social & Community

  • School of Hard Knocks.

We work hard with our Employment Training Partners and are committed to delivering benefits to the communities where we operate. These can take many forms, such as:

  • Employment Initiatives

  • Community Support Initiatives

  • Community Projects through Time Banks

  • Informal Voluntary Input to local charities, groups and organisations by Site Management and Operatives

  • Allocated Project Funding Provision channelled as agreed with the Client Body

  • Jobs Fairs and Employment Promotion & Interview Coaching etc.

  • Community Safety Initiatives

  • Construction Awareness Presentations

  • Employment Readiness Coaching and Presentations to local schools

  • Organisation of contributions through event sponsorship and employee activities

  • Contribution of Prizes and experiences such as Football Mascots for fund raising

  • Charitable Contributions & Support Initiatives.

The Cruden Foundation

As part of our wider social commitment to the communities in which we live and work we believe in re-investment for all of our futures and we are unique in having within our structure The Cruden Foundation, a Charity who hold a substantial shareholding within the Group. The Foundation over many years has supported a number of innovative community projects, such as the Elderpark Cooking School, which was kick start funded by the Cruden Foundation, Cruden Building and Santander. This established a centre to educate people on independent living, whilst allowing them to gain food safety and hygiene certification to get access to hospitality and catering job opportunities.

The Cruden Foundation is allocated a proportion of Group Profits each year to distribute to registered Scottish Charities and has to date distributed in excess of £6 million to these deserving causes.