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Project: St Elphins Extra Care Retirement Village

Employer: Audley St Elphins Ltd

Procurement Framework: Not applicable

Location: Matlock

Value: £9,280,000

Programme: 90 weeks

Works Description: Completed over two contracts, St Elphins Retirement Village is arguably the benchmark for exclusive extra care retirement living in the north of England.

The scheme enjoys a unique setting located within the Derbyshire Dales and on the border of the Peak District National Park, with Matlock nearby.

Our first contract comprised restoration, refurbishment and alteration to a Victorian schoolhouse which now houses the luxury health club, fitness pool, Bistro Bar and the Orangery Restaurant.

Our second contract was for design and construction of 20 exclusive apartments in a new extension, linked to the health club, and designed to reflect the original St Elphin’s House and make use of the views across the 14 acres in which the development sits. 

Group Delivery Company: Cruden Construction Ltd