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Buy Alprazolam Mexico

Project: The Coppice

Employer: Wrekin Housing Trust  

Location: Bicton near Shrewsbury

Value: £9.2m

Programme:  96 weeks

Works Description: The Coppice development is a design and construction contract for a new extra care retirement village of 85 one and two bedroom extra care apartments for over 55’s.The scheme caters for a range of care needs, offering self-contained apartments finished to Cruden Construction’s renowned high standards. 

Built in a rural location on a site that presented several challenges, including being devoid of any services infrastructure; power, water, gas and mains drainage.  The completed development offers its residents a range of facilities, including a restaurant and cafe, residents lounge, hairdressing salon, shop kiosk, games room, laundry, pamper and assisted bathrooms as well as landscaped gardens and on-site parking.  

Group Delivery Company: Cruden Construction Ltd