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Cheap Xanax For Sale Online

“The properties were all sold off plan.” - Mike Kennedy, Managing Director - Hillcrest Homes 

Project: The Square

Employer: Hillcrest Homes Ltd

Procurement Framework: Not applicable

Location: Lansdowne Road, West Didsbury, Manchester

Value: £2,850,000

Programme: 60 weeks

Works Description: This design and construction project involved demolition, site clearance and remediation followed by traditional construction of ten five bedroom detached and semi-detached villas and one four bedroom detached coach house.

The design offers contemporary and environmentally flexible living accommodation. Period details such as deep overhanging eaves, Flemish bond brickwork to the front gables (by our own tradesmen), slate roofs, dormer windows and fanlights accompanied by traditional and complimentary building materials enable the scheme to sit seamlessly in its residential environment of leafy West Didsbury.  

Group Delivery Company: Cruden Construction Ltd