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Buy Ambien Mexico

Project: Fairways

Employer: Schemeglobal Properties Ltd

Procurement Framework: Not applicable

Location: Westcliffe Road, Southport

Value: £2.2m

Programme: 75 weeks

Works Description: An award winning exclusive development of 12 spacious apartments in Southport.

There are 8 three bedroom apartments, 3 penthouses with large balconies that provide additional outdoor living areas and 1 two bedroom apartment. Secure underground parking complimenting the surface parking is provided, with two spaces allocated for each and every apartment. Two lifts provide easy access.

Set in expertly designed landscaped gardens with established trees and shrubbery, the luxury accommodation provides spacious floor dimensions of between 1,349 ft2 and 1,857 ft2, benefiting from gas under floor heating, Siematic designer kitchens with integrated Neff appliances and bathrooms and en-suites incorporating Duravit collections with Hans Grohe fittings.

Group Delivery Company: Cruden Construction Ltd