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Buy Xanax Mexico

Project: Surgical Skills Refurbishment

Employer: University of Manchester

Procurement Framework: University of Manchester

Location: Stopford Building, University of Manchester

Value: £1.97m

Programme: 18 weeks

Works Description:  The works consisted of a full strip out of the Surgical Skills Department, including removal of structural walls, ceiling grid, floor finishes, mechanical and electrical installations and specialist equipment, all undertaken within a partially occupied building.  

The refurbishment works comprised formation of a new Anatomy Skills Laboratory featuring nine work stations with the latest audio and visual communication facilities. In addition, we formed a new mortuary and installed a range of specialist equipment with both of these new facilities supported by a DR room, teaching and changing rooms, resource room, offices and break out space.

The project demonstrates Cruden’s ability to undertake a very challenging, fast programme and sensitive strip out, alteration, refurbishment and fit out works contract within a higher education building. The work area was accessed through a single protected lift and stairwell with a permit control system operated to restrict movements throughout the building.

Group Delivery Company: Cruden Property Services Ltd – Projects Division