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We are very impressed by the excellent standard of the completed work; it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing….You have always listened to us and consulted with us over every detail and endeavoured to meet our needs.” - Diane Wolstenholme, Headteacher - Ashgate School

Project: Ashgate & Crossacres School

Employer: Manchester City Council

Procurement Framework: Manchester City Council Framework One (09)

Location: Wythenshawe, South Manchester

Value: £5.3m

Programme: 53 weeks

Works Description: The project objective was to co-locate Crossacres Primary School and Ashgate SEN School on to a single site; the works comprised 1000m2 of new building extensions and 2500m2 of refurbished space.

The new facilities provide a new entrance wing, reception and shared foundation unit to link the two schools whilst creating a new civic presence and public entrance zone. The new facilities and amenities are now more suited for the teachers and children’s needs with new kitchens, rest rooms, SEN quiet rooms, appliances, hoists, hydrotherapy pool and play areas, all conforming to DDA requirements.

Thermal upgrades to the building fabric and improved mechanical and electrical services provision formed major elements of the works. Externally new soft play areas and upgraded car parking was provided within a re-design of hard and soft landscaping.

Group Delivery Company: Cruden Property Services Ltd – Projects Division