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Introduction text to news archive

Buy Alprazolam India

July 1, 2015

Bolton-based Asons Solicitors has awarded the construction of their new, prestigious, £5m, 48,000 sq ft headquarters office development to Cruden Construction.

Order Alprazolam Online From Canada

Generic For Ambien 10 Mg

May 27, 2015

Working in partnership with Community Gateway Association and Central Lancs Community Restart Team, Cruden Construction is supporting 'The Big Bike Revival Scheme', a project designed to encourage young people to use bicycles, reduce reliance on motorized vehicles, whilst at the same time delivering tangible benefits to improve personal health.

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Buy Soma Fedex Overnight

May 20, 2015

The maintenance division of Cruden Property Services under the operational control of Chris Pugh and Andy Barker, undertakes Planned, Cyclical and Responsive Maintenance and other investment services to Housing & Care 21 (H&C 21) in Oldham under a 10 year contract.

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Buy Xanax Uae

May 12, 2015

Five construction management teams from Cruden Construction, accompanied by client and design team representatives, attended the 2015 LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Awards Dinner at the Macron Stadium in Bolton on Friday 8th May 2015.

Generic Ambien Manufacturers

Order Valium Online Cheap

April 10, 2015

Quality, Service and Value is the winning formula again as Great Places Housing Group awards Cruden Construction a second contract in 2015.

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Buy Valium London

March 30, 2015

Following the retirement of our long serving FD, John Kemp, Cruden Group is delighted to announce that Simon Burrows has joined the Group as our new Finance Director.

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Buy Xanax 2

March 30, 2015

After 32 years of service to the Cruden Group, John Kemp has, this month, retired, having handed the reins over to his successor, Simon Burrows.

Order Soma 350 Mg

Buy Diazepam Bangkok

March 16, 2015

An inspiring eveing of celebration was held a the Village Hotel, Warrington on Thursday 12th March as the Golden Gates Housing (GGHT) Employment and Initiatives Team recognised its own and local peoples achievement in reaching the milestone of enabling 450 people to find work since the initiative began in 2012.

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