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Construction on the new extra care village at Bowness Road and Keswick Close at Middleton, Rochdale to commence.

Cruden Construction Directors Ian Woolrich and David Dickie, joined by Contracts Manager, Paul Welsh were delighted to welcome Directors and Managers of Riverside Housing, Rochdale Councillors, Housing Officers and local residents and Eden Building Design Architects to mark the start of construction on the new extra care village at Bowness Road and Keswick Close, Middleton, Rochdale. 

The assembled guests including Cllr Billy Sheerin; Cllr Daalat Ali; Cllr Phil Burke; John Glenton, Riverside Executive Director of Care and Support; Alison Halstead, Riverside’s Head of Retirement Living; Carol Kershaw, Riverside’s Assistant Director Development and development team colleagues celebrated the fact that the site on Keswick Close has now been cleared ready for building work to begin.

The development has been designed by architect Eden Building Design to enable older residents, with varying requirements and care needs, to live independently in a safe environment with the support they need and will include 88 one and two-bedroom apartments for affordable rent, and 10 two-bedroom bungalows for shared ownership.

The scheme, which benefits from £6.5m Homes England funding, will have landscaped gardens and dedicated parking, along with onsite facilities including a restaurant, hairdressing salon, communal lounge, guest room facilities, laundry, treatment room and adapted bathroom.

Cruden are delighted to be working with all stakeholders and client Riverside Housing, one of the country’s leading providers of housing, care and support, who have been working with the local authority to bring the development on the Langley to fruition after more than three years on hold.

The scheme is due for completion in 2021.