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Order Xanax From Mexican Pharmacy

Employees of Cruden Property Services Ltd joined forces with the client, Cumbria County Council, on our project to extend Elmhust Care Home in Ulverston, Cumbria; to give a much needed facelift to a courtyard area within the grounds of the care home.

The Cruden team, which included members from our South Lakes Reactive Maintenance team and our head office in Warrington, were joined by care home staff, resident’s families and local young people.

The project idea was to take a secure area, and create an attractive space to enable residents to enjoy recreational and gardening activities.  The Care Home provides care for the elderly and those who are mentally frail.

Our Communities Ambassador, Barry Curran, hatched the plan with the Care Home Manager Julie Lowery. The Cruden team fabricated and installed two large raised timber planters which will help those users with mobility issues to access and contribute to growing flowers, vegetables and herbs.

As we missed the planting season this year for vegetables, the new area has been planted with bedding and autumn plants. In the years ahead, vegetable and herb produce grown will be harvested for use in resident’s meals.

Julie Lowery, thanking the Cruden team for their efforts said: “Just wanted to say thank you for the help and support at the garden day on Saturday.

The raised planters look great and the kind donation of £50 will go towards more plants and compost.

The difference in the garden is amazing, the serviceusers love it already and we will continue to improve the area over the next month or so.”

We celebrated our achievements at the end of the day by joining together and enjoying a well earned barbeque, provided by Julie and her staff.