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Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Tablet

Everyone who comes into contact with Cruden Group knows that the company ethos has always included a strong commitment to help worthy causes or those less fortunate in our communities. It is no surprise then, that staff at Cruden Group have rallied in support of company Site Manager, Tom Armstrong, helping to make the dreams of Tom's son Brandon come true.

Brandon was born in Salford at Hope Hospital with Cerebral Palsy and his dad, Tom has set up a Non Profit Fundraising Organisation, 'Brandons Dreams' with the intention to raise much needed funds to support Brandon as he grows and develops.

With early intervention, Brandon's condition can be aided to give him the best outlook for his future. An important early intervention means getting the right equipment needed to help him build muscle tissue and strengthen bones so that he can walk. Walking is one of the most complex skills to master but one of the most valuable activities for the physical and emotional development of children.

The latest fundraising efforts have the objective of purchasing equipment that will help Brandon with the challenge of walking, something most of us take for granted.

Brandon's dad Tom has led the way undertaking a series of sporting challenges that involved the one mile Greater Manchester Swim at Salford Quays, the City of Salford and the Grand Aintree 10k fun runs and a football team challenge at the Soccer Dome in Trafford Park, all of which has so far raised £420.00.


Everyone knows that no fundraising event is complete without a raffle and on Friday 3rd July, four prizes including the obligatory sweets and drinks hamper, duvet day, laptop and 12 month free Cruden Sports & Social membership were won by various Cruden team members. Another £175.00 was raised.

Friday 3rd July also saw staff at Cruden HQ hold 'The Great Cruden Bake-Off' with nothing short of brilliant entries including one cheeky entry of a rather poor carrot cake! There could only be two winners 'crowned' by the judges with Nic Upton and Peter Harrison-Johnson both from Cruden Accounts team (baking must be part of an accounting CV!) taking the accolades. All the entries raised a further £52.60.

Not going to be outdone by Hillcrest office, our Cruden Property Services Oldham Office held their own cake sale with all the staff joining in, including our client, Housing & Care 21, raising another £50.00.

Supporting the raffle, bake-off and cake sale, a dress down donation of £1 enabled casual attire to be worn at work, raising a further £60.84. We don't know where the 84p came from but the company surveyors are investigating to ensure the other 16p entitlement is recovered from the offending dress downer!

As of today's date the grand fundraising total currently stands at £758.44, a modest but nevertheless much needed amount which will go some way towards getting Brandon his dream walker.

Well done to all the Cruden staff who helped to organise the fundraising events.