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Long serving Contracts Manager, Paul Slavin, retires from Cruden Construction

Paul Slavin today retired from Cruden Construction after a career that extends back to 1980 when he first worked for the company as a joiner.

To mark Paul’s outstanding achievement, Ian Woolrich, Managing Director was joined by directors and colleagues, past and present, and Paul’s close family at a retirement presentation at the company’s Head Office in Warrington on 29th March 2018.

Employed initially as a joiner, Paul moved onto staff in 1985 and rose through site roles to the position of Contracts Manager, a senior position that he has fulfilled for some twenty years. Unsurprisingly, Paul has worked on many significant contracts with Cruden Construction, earning the respect and trust of colleagues, clients, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors wherever he worked. Paul has been a champion for youth, helping to employ, nurture and encourage a great many people to take up and grow a career in construction.

Paul’s highlights include the Sheil Park affordable housing contract in Liverpool with Plus Dane and Liverpool Housing Action Trust; Brunswick Gardens Extra Care Village in Sheffield for Your Housing Group; multiple schemes for Salford City Council under their Construction Excellence Framework; regeneration projects at Sherborne Estate Crewe for Guinness Partnerships; Lancasterian SEN School in West Didsbury, Manchester for Manchester City Council; multiple Cruden developments for the previous in-house developer, Hillcrest Homes, and most recently Dorset Court affordable housing in Liverpool for Riverside Housing; Ontario House Office upgrades and refurbishment at Salford Quays for The Wellbeck Estate Company, and Dovedale Court Extra Care Village in Preston for Community Gateway Association.    

Paying tribute to Paul, Ian Woolrich said:

“Paul’s 39 years career at Cruden has been a journey that has taken him through many challenges. His role over twenty years as a Contracts Manager allowed other staff to learn from his wealth of knowledge, helping them to take advantage of opportunities created at many levels in the business, now and in the years to come.”

Everyone at Cruden wishes Paul a happy, healthy, prosperous and lengthy retirement. We will all miss him as a colleague and a friend.