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Work on Preston’s first (and Cruden Construction’s 31st) independent living, extra care scheme began in earnest at Dovedale, Ingol earlier this month.

Designed by Architects, Levitt Bernstein, the new scheme will consist of 60 fully wheelchair accessible one and two bedroomed apartments, a bistro, hairdressers, treatment, consultation and activity rooms. 

Councillor Brian Rollo, The Mayor of Preston, joined board members and officers from clients the Community Gateway Association (CGA), local residents and stakeholders and directors and construction staff from Cruden Construction, to break ground and celebrate the start of work on site.

Louise Mattinson, Executive Director of Customers and Communities for CGA, congratulated Cruden Construction for its patience and persistence in progressing the scheme over more than a year. "This scheme will provide a fantastic resource for the local community. When completed, the building, and the services that we will deliver for some of our most vulnerable residents, will be something that the local community and everyone involved in designing and building the scheme can be really proud of."

Cruden Director, David Dickie commented, "Cruden are market leaders in the North West in the construction of Extra Care  and Independent Living developments for housing associations and private sector care and retirement living clients. CGA can rest assured they’re in the best hands."

The build is scheduled for completion in late 2019.

Soil breaking
Soil breaking with group