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Buy Diazepam Cheap Uk

Following on from the success of our first HSQE annual award last year, our HSQE Committee carried out a full and comprehensive review of the Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental performance for both Cruden Construction and Cruden Property Services during 2016. In particular the HSQE Committee was interested to assess how each company’s management has responded to requirements and factors such as: 

  • HSQE Inspection data
  • Near Miss report data
  • Environmental & Quality compliance
  • Overall HSQE performance
  • Continuous improvement targets

Their overall goal was to ensure performance is in line with our independently accredited policies, management procedures and targets, ensuring best practice lessons are captured and learned for the benefit of all, whilst establishing the ‘best performing’ project site and site management team for Cruden Construction and the inaugural ‘best performing’ Site Manager in Cruden Property services.

This year’s winners are extremely worthy and have made a conscious effort to maintain and promote high standards of performance in all areas of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental management on their site and projects.

We are delighted to congratulate the 2016 Cruden Construction Winner who are Colin McGee and Lenny McGee for their sterling efforts and leadership on Cruden Construction’s latest extra care project for Housing Plus at Penkridge, Staffordshire and Tony Burns who is the inaugural Cruden Property Services Winner for his overall commitment and high performance attainment in 2016.