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Www.Cheap Phentermine.Com

As Christmas 2016 approaches, Cruden Construction is enjoying a boost to its workloads.

We are delighted to announce that several new projects, with a combined value approaching £50 million, have progressed from the design, planning and pre-construction phases to building works on site.

At Shavington near Crewe, following completion of enabling works, the main construction works are well under way on 17 new homes for Wulvern Housing.

In Chorley, following demolition works and further ground investigations, 20 new homes are being designed and constructed for Adactus Housing Group. The project is the culmination of several months of negotiation, design and planning where Cruden Construction has worked alongside Adactus Housing Group and specialist affordable housing developers, Futurelease.    

In our home town of Warrington, enabling and demolition works have commenced at two locations on the Dallam Estate, which will lead to construction of 65 affordable homes and 330m of local retail provision for businesses serving the Dallam community.  Cruden Construction is working for Torus Group on this highly important local project. 

At Ford Lane in Salford, Cruden Construction has been selected by Prime Noble Developments as the preferred contractor for the construction of a 7 storey block of 119 apartments. Cruden has commenced securing the site and is undertaking demolition works as a pre-cursor to the main build programme during 2017/18.

At Angel Street in Manchester, Stonyhurst developments has selected Cruden Construction to undertake the design and construction of 64 apartments for sale and rent in a 9 storey block. Enabling works will commence in January 2017 and the scheme is expected to be completed in late 2018.

At Ashton Old Road, Manchester, a new 3600m2 Headquarter office, factory and warehouse will commence on January 3rd 2017 for The Little Greene Paint Company, an independent, British paint manufacturer, committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers.

Finally, following a competitive tender competition earlier in 2016, Cruden Construction has now been confirmed as the preferred design and build contractor for the new 131 apartment and bungalows at Abraham Guest Extra Care Village in Wigan for Helena Partnerships which will commence in the spring of 2017.

Cruden Construction Managing Director, Ian Woolrich says of these latest awards: “These projects have come to fruition following extensive pre-construction periods involving considerable input from our specialist teams and supply chain. We are delighted that this hard work and effort has enabled our clients to proceed with these schemes.

Our goal, as always, has been to work collaboratively with each client and the designers to achieve the best value for the customer and we look forward to celebrating completion of these contracts in 2017/18.”

With further contract awards in the pipeline in the public and private residential and leisure and hospitality sectors for commencement in the first half of 2017, Cruden Construction is well placed for a sustained boost to workloads and a solid period of growth. We look forward to announcing these contracts in 2017.