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Cruden Construction is pleased to announce that Chief Quantity Surveyor, Pat Treanor, BSc, MSc, MRICS, MCIARB, MCIOB, has been made a Director of the company.

Pat has been with Cruden Construction for 12 years becoming Chief Quantity Surveyor in 2010.

Describing his promotion to the Board as the culmination of hard graft, Pat says:  “I am humbled to be made a Director of Cruden Construction and entrusted with all that the appointment entails. I am excited by the increasing range of opportunities for Cruden Construction throughout the North West and it is my firm intention to contribute further to our success“.

Pat will retain overall responsibility for the quantity surveying functions, but will take a more pro-active role in pre-construction, construction and general management. 


He goes on to say: “I want to continue to guide and nurture our team of surveyors and for us all to learn collectively from our experiences. I will be using all my experience to improve our risk management approach, aiding our project teams to provide even more for our customers and helping the board deliver shareholder return”.

During his career with Cruden, Pat has worked closely with our consultant partners, supply chain members and clients bringing his expertise to add value in a host of strategic construction frameworks and projects. Commenting on Pat’s promotion, Ian Woolrich, Managing Director says:  “Our client base is continuing to develop and change with the projects we are undertaking, placing different demands upon us. Pat has played a significant role in ensuring the company considers and responds to the changing technical and commercial profiles of the wide array of projects in the residential, commercial, leisure, industrial and care sectors which the company is delivering. I am delighted to welcome Pat to the board and I look forward to even more graft in the months ahead.”