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Buy Alprazolam .5 Mg

Cruden Group is delighted to congratulate Kenny Humphreys, Cruden HSQE Manager on his appointment to the Chair of the North West Construction Safety Group

Cruden Group is a long standing member and fully supports the North West Construction Safety Group’s (NWCSG) objective to promote reduction in the risk of accident and personal injury in the North West of England and improve construction safety performance.

Kenny has been an active member since 2013 and vice chair over the past twelve months. A qualified and experienced HSQE professional, Kenny’s goal for the year ahead is to engage with the NWCSG’s committee to promote the group to a wider audience of contractors and build on the successes of past Chairs.

As a company that is committed to Investor in People, Cruden Group fully supports Kenny and other employees to strive to achieve the very best they can, providing a platform for personal growth and space to play their part in improving the industry.

For more details visit Buy Zolpidem China