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Order Zolpidem Online Uk

Congratulations go to the 2017 Cruden Construction HSQE Award Winners, Kevin Duffy and Nick Sainthouse, for their sterling efforts on the Manchester Health Academy contract. 

Operating and maintaining safe systems of work is an absolute priority for Cruden Construction, who are now in the third year of recognising commitment and focus to high standards of HSQE performance on our construction sites through the company’s annual HSQE awards.

For 2017, a comprehensive performance review against all Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental standards was undertaken by our HSQE Committee, who were interested to assess how each of the company’s construction managers’ achievements has responded to requirements and factors such as:

  • Overall HSQE performance
  • HSQE inspection data
  • Near miss report data
  • Environmental and quality factors
  • HSQE submissions
  • Additional HSQE initiative
  • RIDDOR accident statistics
  • HSE and/or 3rd party interventions and comments
  • Complexity of project



The committee’s aim was to establish the best performing site and site management team across the business, ensuring performance was in line with our independently accredited policies, management procedures and targets, whilst capturing best practice lessons that can be used to inform and train all our construction managers.

This year’s winners are extremely worthy and have made a tremendous effort to maintain the highest standards of HSQE performance on site. 

Health & Safety Award.jpg

Pictured (left to right): Kenny Humphreys, Racheal Williams, Ian Woolrich, Nick Sainthouse, Kevin Duffy and Peter Blake