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Buy Ambien Online Overnight

Seven Cruden employees volunteered to sleep out in the grounds of Manchester Cathedral on Friday 10th November and targeted to raised £1200.

Cruden Group has a long history of working in Manchester and currently has a number of construction projects across the city. Our involvement brings us into contact with many organisations and people, and as a partner building contractor with the North West Construction Hub we were invited to a talk about issues of homelessness.

The presentation was provided by the director of Street Support with the objective of raising awareness of the growing problem of homelessness in Manchester and how many organisations are trying to support this growing need.

Buy Zolpidem China

Our CSR team were keen to engage and so we decided to help by supporting The Booth Centre who run an annual sleepout. Seven Cruden employees volunteered to sleep out in the grounds of Manchester Cathedral on Friday 10th November and targeted to raised £1200.

Our volunteers, the “Cruden Campers” included Paul Buttery (Business Development), Kenny Humphreys (Health and Safety), Sheryl Moore (Corporate Social Responsibility), Shirley McGinnis (Reception), Racheal Williams (Health and Safety), Danielle Upton (Accounts) and Nicola Upton (Accounts).

Armed with sleeping bags and some tarpaulin to sleep on, the team camped out on the grass with over 300 other volunteers from the North West.

It was a very wet and wintery night and our volunteers all came away from the night with a greater appreciation of the hardship faced by people every night and how homelessness can happen to anyone and at any stage of life.

With the support of friends, family and colleagues we managed to raise over £2000 for the Booth Centre, which has contributed to making the 2017 Booth Centre Manchester Sleepout its biggest and most successful ever, raising an incredible £90,000!

This money will allow them to continue providing vital services for homeless people in Manchester. It will help fund their employment and training programme, which since last year’s event has supported 165 work placements, helped 93 people to gain nationally recognised qualifications and 120 people find employment.

The fundraising will also support their activities programme, which helps people to build their confidence and self-esteem. In the last 12 months 750 people have taken part in activities, including drama, music, yoga, football, swimming and, of course, Streetwise Opera! who sang on the evening of the 10th for us.

By sleeping out, Cruden employees have supported their advice team, who this year have helped 390 people into accommodation, prevented 441 people from becoming homeless and enabled 189 people to reconnect with friends and family.

To our colleagues who took part, congratulations on a tremendous effort!